Mirror magic tricks aren't reserved for carnival attractions. Mirrors are a fantastic and stylish way to manipulate your space. Whether you want to make your home look bigger or boost your lighting, mirrors are a versatile and cost-effective way to do so.

With these nine tips for decorating with mirrors, your home décor will literally reflect your sophisticated style.

When placed correctly, mirrors can tie a whole room together. If you're looking to expand a room, brighten a room, or decorate a room, mirrors are the perfect solution. Let's take a look at some essential tips for mirror decorating.

1. Place Your Mirror Across a Window

Some homes are naturally dark. If you're looking to expand the natural light in your home, place a mirror opposite a window. The natural light will reflect off of the mirror. This will make your room brighter with natural light⁠—all without electricity. The bigger the mirror, the more light will reflect across the room. For rooms without windows, consider placing a mirror next to a lamp. This will create the same effect.

2. Replace Your Closet Doors With Mirrors

For small bedrooms, replacing your closet doors with mirrors subtly make the room appear larger. This tip is ideal for those who don't want to decorate with mirrors but want to utilize the benefits of mirrors in their home.

3. Decorate a Wall With Small Mirrors

When you're faced with a bare wall with no decoration inspiration, the smartest way to fill the empty space is with small wall mirror decorating. Mount a few mirrors on the wall to add depth, light reflection, and style to a corridor or entryway. A wall decorated with mirrors is also a simple way to dress up a bare wall. 

4. Put a Floor Mirror in a Corner

Floor mirrors are useful as well as decorative. Putting a floor mirror in an area where you're most likely need to see your entire outfit will put it to good use. However, floor mirrors are also a fantastic way to expand small spaces. Not only do they brighten up a space, but they also draw your eyes up. This creates the illusion that your ceiling is taller, making the room feel bigger.

5. Decorate With Window-Like Mirrors

Some mirrors copy the style of windows and have window pane accents. These types of mirrors are perfect for large rooms that lack real windows. These mirrors reflect light like any other mirror. Since they look like windows, they create an illusion that the room is full of windows. This brightens the space immensely.

6. Add a Mirror as a Focal Point

Sometimes you want a decoration without the helpful illusions. A large mirror acts as a focal point when placed in certain areas. Add a mirror to an area that naturally catches your eye. Placing one over a fireplace or at the end of a hallway works well.

7. Complement Nature With a Mirror

Does your window face a beautiful slice of nature? By putting a mirror directly across from that window, you highlight that view of nature and complement it inside your home. This adds natural décor while bouncing light across the room.

8. Face Two Mirrors Against Each Other

This tip adds significant depth to any room. Two facing mirrors will bounce light off one another. This is an easy way to make a small room look much larger. Two facing mirrors are ideal for small square rooms like dining rooms or bathrooms. 

9. Upgrade Your Interior With a Dramatic Frame

For very small rooms, such as powder rooms or walk-in closets, adding a small but powerful mirror is an easy way to enhance the décor. Opt for a small round mirror framed by stones, jewels, or an eye-catching design. A piece like this will brighten and expand a room while disguised as glamourous wall art.

Other Tips for Decorating With Mirrors

The type of mirror you place in your room has a big influence on the room's look and feel. Now that you know where to put your mirrors and how placement impacts your interior, let's dive into the deeper elements of mirror decorating.

Minimalist decorators may want to choose frameless mirrors to match their style. Ornate mirrors are fantastic for modestly decorated spaces that require a statement piece.

A large mirror, or a mirror that's at least half the size of the wall, is an ideal accent piece for big rooms. Adding a large ornate mirror in your living room or family room is a simple way to add an interesting focal point without overwhelming the room.

Small mirrors are best for small, narrow spaces. Small spaces are overwhelmed by large ornate mirrors. Smaller mirrors open up cramped spaces without drawing too much attention to them.

Pay attention to what your mirror is reflecting. You don't want your mirror facing clutter. Reflecting unwanted areas will only draw more attention to it. Instead, face your mirror against something you do want to reflect. A tidy, brightly-coloured area with plants will reflect nicely. 

Wherever you choose to place your mirrors, make sure you secure them properly!

Reflecting on Your Interior Design

When decorating with mirrors, your home has the opportunity to look bigger and brighter than it already is. Mirror decorating is an inexpensive way to decorate stylishly. Add a few mirrors around your home using these tips and see the difference.

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