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  • Grey-Scale | Interior Trends | 2017



    Whether it's fifty shades or going gracefully, there's something about the colour grey, and take it from us, grey doesn't have to mean boring...

    We love to keep up to date with the latest interior design trends, from the luxurious to the everyday. With a more minimalist - monotone look coming into fashion across the interior industry, and shades of grey making a statement in soft furnishings and accessories, this is definitely a trend to watch in the coming months. With the darker nights drawing in, getting in on the latest interior design trend before it's too late could be just what you need to get those creative juices flowing before the year is out! Our lighting experts at Pagazzi have been busy checking out some of the latest products, and getting new ranges ready to launch online and in-store as we move into a new season. If you're needing a little inspirational push towards a room colour scheme or theme then this is the place to start! Contemporary design colour palettes aim to find the balance between boldness and delicacy, moody and soft. Grey colour schemes are no exception to this rule, with a harmony between deep, smokey shades and light, earthy tones. Using different grey elements in your rooms can add a touch of sophistication, and playing with contrast can work really well. There's two main ways to utilise the styling themes of grey-scale, either ultra modern and sleek, or antique and full of mystery. Inject a sense of character with rustic items, distressed finishes or metallic detailing.

    Grey-Scale Around The Home

    Accents of grey have been part of the interior design world for the last decade, morphing and adapting to fit with the fashionable trends that have come and gone. When we're talking neutrals, get that shade of magnolia out your mind and out of your shopping basket, and switch it for a subtle grey base tone instead. Grey can be one of the most versatile colours on the spectrum, and with it's timeless nature, you can refresh a room's design with complementary coloured accessories and furniture all while keeping a neutral wall colour. No matter what room you're looking to re-design, grey can be added to bring your room up to date. From bathroom tiling, to kitchen doors - there's a grey element for any size or overall style. Greyscale Bedroom

    In the bedroom:

    The trend for grey interiors has come around with the increase in popularity of the Scandinavian style of design, with a muted colour palette, featuring greys, white and subtle pastels. In the bedroom, you’ll be looking to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere with your design. Make use of a subtle grey wall colour and match this with bold blacks, contrasting whites and striking geometric monotone prints. To make your room feel even more luxurious and sophisticated, add soft grey fur like fabrics or chunky knitted throws and pillows or rich cream linens.

    If you're really wanting to go for the scandi-rustic theme, pick out chairs, curtains or shades in a complimentary colour to create a pop and pair with distressed or vintage wooden furniture. With your lighting, you’ll want to think about matching pattern with colour. A touch of sparkle never goes wrong with a bedroom interior design, so pick out some table lamps that will make the room shine brightly. You can shop all of our table lamps, including the brand new range, here.

    In the kitchen:

    Kitchen interiors are all about creating a warm and stylish space that’s great for cooking and entertaining! Take inspiration from industrial themes and accentuate patterns with deep grey or stone. Although grey can be seen as a bit of a cool colour at first glance, mixing this with wood and brick can really help to turn up the overall temperature of your design.

    Graphite grey, and the darker earthy tones of the grey-scale have become key kitchen trends for this year, and we don't think this will end as we move into the new year. With shades of grey in appliances, surfaces and units, there's plenty of exciting ways to include this in your next kitchen design update.

    Greyscale Kitchen


    Lighting is an integral part of any kitchen, and should be a key consideration during the planning stage. Lights should help the space be more practical, as well as being atmospheric for social occasions. Consider pendant lighting for task based areas, and under cupboard or recessed ceiling lights to create a complete lighting scheme. Why not take a look at our selection of products that are great for any kitchen?

    Shop Kitchen Lighting

    Grey-Scale Accessories & Inspiration

    Grey interiors, or those that feature monochromatic elements are huge this year. Mixing it up with Scandinavian design that draws inspiration from nature, materials and gentle colour balances, going grey no longer needs to be daunting. From granite and stone to metals and smoke - grey comes in plenty of forms. From interior design to art and fashion design, grey tones have been defined and re-defined for a long time, and there's no sign that will change, so make the most of it now and get some grey in your life!  In tailoring, grey has always been an authoritative colour, making a subtle statement. With fabric for your home, grey is versatile and adaptable - working well with pine and oak or stark black metals.

    Ready to design with grey-scale in mind this year? Why not get inspired and take a look at our wide range of lighting products available online and in-store to compliment your new colour palette?


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  • Colour Trend Round-Up - Navy Peony | Trends for 2017

    Navy Banner

    Pagazzi have always been looking to keep on top of the current trends in design and lighting, and picking out our season colour palette is no different. Our buyers have a keen eye for upcoming trends in colour and style, and they’re always on the lookout for emerging interior design inspirations in the industry.


    As we move towards a new season, and the time to pick out your new lighting products for the colder, darker nights draws closer, we’re taking a look back at some of our top picks for colours over the last few years, as well as looking ahead to the coming months. So what colour will be our focus as Autumn approaches? In this blog, we’re looking at Pantone’s key pick for the season, Navy Peony.


    Pantone have been experts in colour, hand picking their colour of the year since the early 1990’s and their institute of colour is home to some of the brightest minds in fashion and design.


    Navy Peony is a bold and vibrant colour for your Autumn scheme, adding a strong presence and personality to a vintage home decor. If taken in a modern context, the colour works well in kitchens and bedrooms, contrasted with blacks and metallic finishes.

    Navy Peony Around The Home

    Navy Home

    If you're adding a splash of colour to your interiors, then Navy Peony is a great colour to focus on this year. For living spaces, adding soft fabrics in this colour will add sophistication and class. Navy Peony is perfect for Autumn, with Velvet tones and soft finishes, it'll be easy to update your design and make your rooms feel cosy and luxurious. For lighting in these rooms, why not pair with copper pendant lights and concrete table lamps.


    In the bathroom, Navy Peony works perfectly with a nautical theme. Pair with distressed wooden finishes, whites and reflective surfaces for a stunning look and feel. Nautical is all about bold stripes and natural materials. Pair with small touches of red, rope and metal for a complete look, and pick up some wall art that matches your theme - from sail boats, to anchors and rope knots - there's something for everyone.


    Your bedroom should be a relaxing an sumptuous space, perfect for you to feel at home in. Adding touches of Navy Peony here will help to calm your room, use soft lighting and diffused shades to create a comforting and inviting look, all while keeping your high-end finish. Combine this colour with vintage touches like antique brass floor lamps, 1920's patterned carpets and vintage trunks for a unique 'world traveller' vibe.


    Navy Peony in Fashion & Design


    Navy has always been a strong choice in Fashion and Homeware designs, with a huge range of products designed with this subtle colour in mind. This Autumn will be no different, with designers taking inspiration from the Art Deco era, and combining this with the tried and tested, timeless uses of Navy in men's and women's tailoring.


    In interior design, we expect to see more uses of this colour in fabrics and accessories, with fresh takes on this exciting colour scheme coming through on social media channels and blogs. Keep an eye out for great design inspiration to see how you can use Navy Peony in your next outfit or home redecoration.

    Navy Peony at Pagazzi Lighting

    From table lamps to ceiling pendants, we have a wide range of products for every style and every budget at Pagazzi Lighting, Why not take a look at some of our exciting new products available online and in-store now!



    Aslan Table Lamp Hapton Ceiling Light
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    Rose Table Lamp Chika Table Lamp
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  • Best Selling Lighting Products | Spring 2017

    Best Sellers for Spring 2017


    No matter what your design idea, we've got a lighting product to fit your theme or budget. We're incredibly proud of our wide range of products from floor lamps to bulbs and artwork, as well as everything in between to make your house your home. Whatever it is that you're looking for to put the finishing touches on your room's lighting scheme, the team at Pagazzi have you covered. 



    We've put together a list of our best selling lighting products from our top categories on the website to help you pick a product if you're not sure where to start. From industrial details to bold colour, sophisticated minimalism to glamorous sparkle & elegance, we've got products for the hottest trends in interior design this year. As we move towards Autumn, and the time of year where the nights get longer and darker, now is the perfect time to stock up or refresh your lighting design.

    Our top product picks feature some of our best selling designs from the start of the year, including some that are now available at a great, discounted price. Why not check out our complete catalogue? Shop the Pagazzi Lighting range now!

    Best Selling Items for Spring 2017

    First on our list in our countdown of the best selling items for both online and in store are the highly versatile accessory to any room, a table lamp. Whether you're looking for something to tie your room design theme together, or you want to make a statement, table lamps are a great way to add atmosphere to a room with soft lighting. Table lamps can be an interior designer’s secret weapon as they are not only lovely ornamental additions to your rooms in themselves, but with a bit of thought you can make the best use of their subtle light to bring your room to life!



    Mable Table Lamp - £29



    With an oval ceramic base design, with a dimpled texture finish, and available in both chrome and gold, the Mable Table Lamp is a best seller due to it's chic and modern design. The perfect addition to a living room or dining room area, this item will add a touch of class with a matching silver or taupe shade for a soft metallic look. Complimenting bold geometric patterns and pastel colours, this is a great item at a excellent price! Find out more and shop below.

    Buy Chrome

    Buy Gold

    Mable Table Lamp


    The Mable Table Lamp measures 41cm in height and 31cm at its widest point, making it a great addition for rooms of any size. We're proud to see this exclusive Pagazzi lighting item in our list of the best selling lighting items for the year, and with plenty of stock still available, we're hoping you'll be inspired to make a purchase too!

    A second item we've picked out from our best selling table lamps is the Mason Touch Table Lamp. Another exclusive design for Pagazzi, the Mason Table Lamp has a stunning cut-out detail with a sparkling fabric inner lining to cast interesting shadow in your room, as well as a touch sensitive base. With three levels of light and both a copper or polished chrome finish, this is a great item for the bedroom or autumnal living room scheme. Click Below to Buy Now!

    If you're looking for understated elegance in your interior, look no further than the Pacific Lifestyle Alpha Oval Table Lamp in either Bronze or Silver. Available for £59, these two stylish lamps are best sellers for their gentle diffusion of light through the fabric shades and the contemporary design.




    Mason Touch Table Lamp


    Hereford Floor Lamp - £130



    Add an industrial element to your room with the Hereford Floor Lamp from Pacific Lifestyle. A best selling item for our stores, this item features three wooden tripod legs, joining in the middle for stability. The light head is finished in antique brass with a matt black finish on the legs. Fully adjustable with its rotating head and angled shutters, you can direct the light to any part of the room. Standing proud at 139cm in height, and 71cm in width, this item is great for larger living rooms or entrance halls. Style with a rustic bulb for an authentic industrial feel.

    Buy Now

    Hereford Floor Lamp


    If you're looking for a unique floor lamp to add to your room, why not try the Argenta Floor Lamp in Cream. A Pagazzi exclusive design, this item features a twisted light wooden base and a linen drum shade on top. Complimented by a matching table lamp in two wooden finishes, the Argenta range of lamps are great if you like the rustic and natural charm of wooden lighting items and accessories. A best selling item for its unusual silhouette, the Argenta Floor Lamp is available for £199, but it is worth every penny!

    In the floor lamp category, another of our best selling items is the Windsor Tripod Floor Lamp. Currently available for £89, this stylish piece is great for modern minimalist interiors and is the perfect combination of distressed wood and metal for industrial styles. Measuring at its tallest, 145cm in height, and adjustable through metal clasps on the legs, the Windsor Floor Lamp can help to create a warm ambience in your rooms. Click Below to Shop Now.




    Tower 6 Ceiling Light - £125



    Perfect for our industrial ideals interior trend for this year, the Dar Tower 6 Light Pendant Ceiling Light is striking in matt black and bronze. Featuring a cluster of suspended lights from a circular ceiling plate, the Tower Ceiling Light is a gives you the perfect balance between paired back simplicity and stunning design. With each light fitting boasting a cubed frame and bronze lamp holders, this item will allow you to make a statement. Pair the item with a vintage bulb for that authentic industrial charm.

    Shop Now

    Dar Tower 6 Light Pendant


    Taking six bulbs, the Dar Tower 6 Light Pendant Ceiling Light is 130cm in height at the longest drop, with a 50cm diameter. It will really add something special to a kitchen or entrance way, so why not give it a try and share your photos with us using #Pagazzi!

    Our second item on our best selling list for ceiling lights is the Lyndsay 4 Light Pendant Ceiling Light. This elegant and striking pendant is exclusive to Pagazzi and features a cluster of swirling ribbons in a range of metallic finishes. From copper to chrome, and rose gold, the Lyndsay family of products are perfect for creating a golden blush feel in your rooms. Now available for £159, this item is luxurious, without breaking the bank!

    Our final choice for ceiling lights this season is the Carter 3 Light Pendant. This exclusive item features an array of flower like details in a polished chrome finish. Best for use in a living room or kids bedroom, this light is playful yet elegant. The contemporary design will fit with a wide range of design themes, and for only £135, it is a great option for those on a budget. Click Below to See More and Buy Now!







    Have our best selling items inspired you to get creative this autumn? Why not visit us in store to take a look at our brand new ranges and plan your next design challenge. We love to see how you style your homes, so if you've recently been redecorating, make sure you share your photos and inspirations with #Pagazzi on social media!

    Get involved, share your thoughts in the comments below and join the interior design family at Pagazzi! Don't forget to check out our great range of products online and available now by shopping here.


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