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  • It's our 40th Anniversary!

    With her fearless spirit and creative flair, Laura Pagan thrust Pagazzi Lighting into the spotlight of the UK lighting industry 40 years ago. In 2020 she is championing the brand alongside her husband Alan, daughter Rebecca, a team of directors, driven store, HQ and e-Commerce staff.

    “It was a toss between cards and lighting. After selecting a shop in Glasgow City Centre, we were positioned around the corner from a large card store… so selling cards was out the window and lighting it was!”. Pagazzi is forced to be reckoned with 17 stores and a website however coming from a banking background Laura started with no lighting knowledge “I was naïve to leave my job and dive into an industry that I have no idea about. The first day we opened I have no idea if anyone would even like the stock. My first sale was for £260 for two table lamps and a ceiling light (rise and fall to be exact) so it gave me a bit of confidence!”.

    pagazzi1982In 2002 Laura opened a store in a retail park in Uddingston “I felt people weren’t shopping as much on the highstreet – the main reason being parking! Alan took 2 weeks off work to help me set-up as I also had 2 daughters at school.” After 12 months the store was such a success that Alan came on-board full-time and the Pagazzi expansion was a-go.

    Customer experience and varied product range is still at the core of the business with Rebecca Pagan now leading the way as Buying Director. In 2012 Pagazzi branded product was introduced (a collection that is designed by Pagazzi) ‘Rebecca and I design the product from start to finish & we are inspired by trends and feedback from customers. Designing your own styles is a great way to give customers exactly what they want”.


    Fast-forward 40 years, Laura is far from lacking in lighting knowledge with Pagazzi as UK’s largest independent lighting retailer. The magic of putting customers first and strong product selection is continuing to fuel the powerhouse that is Pagazzi.

    Happy Birthday Pagazzi! x

  • Flattering Light A Lesson In Choosing the Best Bathroom Lighting

    If you’re renovating your bathroom, you never want to overlook one of the most important aspects. The lighting and fixtures you choose for your bathroom can really make or break a space.

    Your bathroom lighting will help ensure you have the best light to start and end your day. From putting on make-up to shaving, your bathroom sees a lot of action.

    While you want each zone to have its own unique light, you also want the bathroom to feel cohesive and well-put-together.

    This bathroom lighting guide will help give you shop for lighting fixtures like a pro. From where to place your lighting to deciding what size to go with, here’s a round-up of bathroom lighting ideas and shopping tips.

    Bathroom Lighting Tips for Layers of Light

    For some of the best lighting in your bathroom, you should shoot for three layers of light. Ideally, you can have a combination of ambient light, task light, and accent lighting.

    Ambient light comes from a chandelier, flush-mounted light, or pendant light.

    Your task lighting is used for grooming and getting ready every day. These lights are likely the most important to you. Flattering task lights will help you put on make-up, shave, wash your face, and groom.

    The next light you’ll need is accent lights. Accent lights help to highlight a bathroom’s architectural design and features.

    Side-Mounted Sconces Provide Some of the Best Bathroom Lighting

    For everyday grooming, putting on make-up and shaving, side-mounted sconces or wall lights provide some of the most flattering task lighting. You can mount a sconce on either side of your mirror, mount them to the wall, or mount them directly onto the mirror.

    You’ll want to consider a few things when mounting your sconces. First, keep the sconces at eye level for optimal lighting.

    Second, if you have a lampshade, make sure the shade opening where the glass down-lights sit right below eye level.

    If you have a mirror that is centered above your sink, mount the fixtures so that they are a few inches to the right and a few inches to the left of your mirror.

    Keep in mind you want the light to be as close to your face as possible.

    Use Similar Finishes for a Cohesive Look

    When you’re shopping for more than one light fixture in your bathroom, even though they don’t all have to match exactly, you should try to match your finishes for a cohesive look. You can even mix metals in a couple of different places.

    Let’s say you use a matte black finish for your cabinet hardware, tap, and pendant lights but you have bronze sconces and a bronze chandelier over your bathtub. Create a cohesive feel and look by using the same or two finishes throughout your space.

    Keep your other fixtures in mind as well in terms of your shower head, tap, cabinet hardware and any existing lighting that will stay in your space.

    Don’t Forget the Tub Area

    The bathtub is a great place to add accent or ambient lighting. If you have a stand-alone bathtub you can use this area to make a statement.

    Over the tub is a great place to put a pendant or chandelier light fixture. You can go big here and add some drama or keep it minimal to accent a beautiful tub.

    The lighting over your tub might also be better served by using a dimmer. A dimmer on this light will help set a relaxing mood when you’re soaking in your tub or using your shower.

    If you don’t have a dimmer, a sconce can also work great to create a calming mood. If an overhead light is too bright for this space, try a sconce near your bathtub instead.

    The key is to have multiple light sources in your bathroom for safety and function.

    Versatility is Key

    If you’re worried about what fixtures to choose, consider brass and chrome. Both brass and chrome are versatile and will easily complement other bathroom fixtures and accessories.

    You can even mix metals together if you blend them right with other areas and the other lighting in your bathroom.

    Both of these metals are timeless as well. When used correctly you’ll have a timeless look that you won’t tyre of as trends come and go.

    Size Matters

    When it comes to the size of your bathroom, there are a few things to consider regarding the size of your light fixtures.

    Sconces and pendants can be on the smaller side regardless of the size of your bathroom. If you have the room, accent lights, pendants, and chandeliers can also be on the larger side to create some drama.

    A large chandelier can also make your bathroom feel much larger. You can use lighting to not only serve a function but also to make a statement and contribute to the overall feel of your space.

    Work With a Professional

    Your choice of bathroom lighting plays a big role in the look and feel of your bathroom. While it can be overwhelming to choose just the right pieces, once you do, you’ll have flattering lighting for every key zone in your bathroom.

    Whether it is task lighting for make-up application or a statement piece over your bathtub, the light you choose will help your bathroom function well and also look stunning.

    You can layer lighting to create different moods and tones for every inch of your space. No matter how big or how small your bathroom is, use lighting to help frame out essential areas and create a beautiful looking space that you’re happy to wake up to each morning.

    A professional lighting specialist in any of the 18 stores, can help you choose the right light for each space in your bathroom.

    From accent lights to task lights, fill out the contact form here to get in touch with a professional for your bathroom lighting project.

  • Think Ahead: The Hottest New Lighting Trends Predicted for 2020

    Chandeliers, pendant lights, ceiling lamps, and other accessories can set the mood of a room and give your home a complete makeover. Whether you want to redecorate your living space or give it a different vibe, make sure you stay on top of the latest lighting trends.

    Rustic chandeliers, for instance, are all the rage this year. In 2020, expect to see oversized chandeliers with a soft gold finish, vintage Edison-style bulbs, and lighting fixtures in retro and industrial styles.

    Art deco is making a comeback too, so there will be lots of clean lines and natural shapes that combine aesthetics and functionality. This style is characterised by a cosy glow, elegant curves, and unique designs with a nostalgic flair.

    So, are you ready to upgrade your lighting accessories and give your home a new look? Check out these fashionable lighting trends for inspiration!

    Geometric Shapes Are Back in the Game

    The geometric trend is back in fashion! Pendant lights, ceiling lights, and chandeliers with geometric motifs allow you to create bright accents in different parts of your favourite room.

    These lighting fixtures are ideal for minimalist homes. They not only create the impression of space to also add a touch of elegance and modernity.

    The Olson 3 Ceiling Light, for instance, features a beautiful mat black finish, clean lines, and retro accents. It's a perfect addition to your kitchen, bar, or living room.

    Go Wireless to Keep Up with the Trends

    Wireless technology has taken the world by storm. Its impact on the lighting industry won't go unnoticed in the upcoming year.

    You're probably familiar with smart LED bulbs and other high-tech lighting systems. What about wireless floor lamps and other "smart" fixtures that can be moved around without having to deal with a bunch of cables?

    Bigger Is Better

    Oversized ceiling lamps and other large fixtures act as centrepieces, creating that "wow" factor. Hang them over your dining table or in any area where you want to draw attention.

    These accessories work best for big rooms. For example, we recommend hanging this gorgeous ceiling light pendant over an elegant glass table in the living room.

    To achieve a stylish look, balance it with matching table lamps, ceiling spotlights, and other smaller fixtures.

    Go Industrial

    Industrial lighting has been around for several years — and it won't go away anytime soon. This trend fits most homes, adding a contemporary flair.

    But don't think heavy machinery and straight lines. Industrial lighting fixtures come in fabulous shapes and gorgeous brass tones, fusing modern and traditional design.

    This elegant floor lamp, for example, is ideal for your home office or living space.

    The exposed bulb emits a strong light that will energise your senses and keep you productive during those long hours when you're trying to finish work. Its black antique copper finish will add a touch of style to your home.

    Explore the Latest Lighting Trends

    Interior lighting is an integral part of your living space. It has the power to transform your home, lift your mood, and boost your productivity. The latest lighting trends are inspired by the modern lifestyle, blending functionality and aesthetic appeal.

    Need a boost of inspiration? Check out our guide on how to decorate like an influencer. Your home will look like a million bucks in no time!


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