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Dar Lighting

Elegant, glamorous and effortlessly stylish, Dar Lighting is known for its distinctive designs and ability to truly bring a room to life. 
The range of Dar lights available here online and in-store at Pagazzi has something to suit every space in the home thanks to a range of styles including classic glamour, industrial-feel and intricately unique. 

What is Dar Lighting?

Dar Lighting is a brand of lighting fixtures available in our ranges here at Pagazzi. They are one of the UK’s best known lighting brands and are championed for their range of designs to suit every room of the house. 
Our collection includes Dar Lighting Ceiling Lights, Pendant Lights and lamps too, so whichever space you’re looking to illuminate, we’ve got the perfect piece for you. 

Why choose Dar Lighting?

Popular throughout the UK, there’s plenty of reasons to choose a Dar light for your home. Starting with the craftsmanship, the design and quality of a Dar light fitting is notably premium and really stands out. Just take the best-selling Icarus Semi Flush Ceiling Light, a shining example of the intricate designs and quality materials used to bring these pieces to life. 
Variety is also a great reason to choose Dar Lighting for your home. With over 170 designs to choose from online at Pagazzi, you truly have the best picks from the UK’s leading lighting manufacturer at your fingertips. 

Best place to buy Dar Lighting?

Due to its popularity, Dar Lighting is readily available throughout the UK but thanks to the Pagazzi experience, we truly are your one stop shop for shopping the brand. 
With so many pieces available online to shop, as well as 12 stores throughout the UK to visit and experience the designs in person, it’s never been easier to shop Dar light fittings and find the right one for your home.
We pride ourselves on offering affordable Dar lighting at great prices, as well as the option to pay your way with options such as Klarna. With fast delivery and great customer service a guarantee, choosing to shop Dar lights at Pagazzi just makes sense.